SF-12 v2 scoring using Australian population weights

This brief post provides the R syntax to calculate SF-12 v2 scores using Australian population weights.

The population weights are derived from:

Hawthorne, G., Osborne, R., Taylor, A., & Sansoni, J. (2007). The SF36 Version 2: critical analyses of population weights, scoring algorithms and population norms. Quality of Life Research, 16(4), 661-673. doi: 10.1007/s11136-006-9154-4

Please rename the dataFrame to reflect the name of the data set you are using.

Please note that the variable names need to conform to the survey item names:

  • I1, I2A, I2B, I3A, I4A, I4B, I5, I6A, I6B, I6C, and I7